Manufacturer Of Induction Mealting , Heating and Spare Sparts

Technical Details


INDO POWER is leading manufacturer of induction heating and melting systems with the worldwide proven Voltage fed series inverter technology.

Our induction Melting and heating solution has improved the efficiency and effectiveness in existing or new industrial process.

Company product line includes Melting of various type metal such as Ferrous & non ferrous categories, Heat-Treating for selective Case Hardening, Forging, End Pipe Heating, Through Heating Of Pipes, Tempering, Annealing, Bonding And Brazing. The Company Focus Is In Designing And Manufacturing Induction Heating Equipment’s For Industrial Application And Serves A Variety of Industries, Including Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Mining, Oil And Gas, Marine, Railways, Construction, Power Generation, Agriculture, Wind Energy, OCTG, Etc.

INDO POWER has achieved the fastest growth with the support form the customers. It takes upon itself responsibility to serve its customers as a trusted ally, providing enhanced customer satisfaction by meeting all their technical needs with principles of fairness and transparency. It improves the production rates and quality of customers by using IGBT / SCR based power units for heating quickly, efficiently and with maximum repeat ability.

Melting Applications :
Steel and Alloy Melting
Grey Iron & Ductle Iron Melting
Copper and Brass Melting
Investment Casting
Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Casting
Metal Powder Manufacturing and Melting
Ingot Plant

Heating Applications :
Bar Heater Forging
Pipe Heater For Oil Industry
Rotor Brazing For Pump Industries
Pan Bottom Brazing For Kitchenware
Hardening Machine For Tool Apolication
Induction Shrink Fittings For bearing Applications
Induction For N-Bar Heater For Tool Forging